Campaign — Changing the climate

It is time to participate
in worldwide fight against climate change!

This year, RefuFest takes place in 28th of September at Prague's Invalidovna and it will be dedicated to refugees as well as to climate crisis. It will not be influenced only in a way of activites but also in realisation of festival as a whole. In corelation with incoming global trend, RefuFest will be as one of the first festivals in Czech Republic focused on sustainability during all the event.  

With the support of specialized agency
we have set certain goals including mainly:

  • reduction of disposable dishes

  • strict recycling with the help of special navigation and so-called trash guard 

  • minimalization of noise pollution by reduction of decibels and 

  • support of festival's transport via public transport. 


  • Reduction of single-use plastics

  • Effective management of waste sorting

  • Raising awarness on climate change and refugee issues during the event

  • Low treshhold character of the festival

  • Fair pay for the artists