The most famous is Prague RefuFest, but we have held successful festivals in regions as well – in south-Czech town Rakovice and at the Tocnik castle.

The RefuFest is celebrating its fourteenth anniversary. The very first year was held at Prague Fruit Market on 16th and 17th of September. With the motto: “Kindness towards incomers is the investment proved by centuries”, the aim of the festival was to introduce migration and asylum diaspora by cultural and social street happening. It gave the opportunity to personally meet refuges as friends, not dangerous intruders. The Berkat Civic Association, Caritas Czech Republic, The Counselling Centre for Integration, The Association for integration and migration, The Tolerance Foundation, Ministry of foreign affairs, women group of The migration question Centre, Slovo 21 NGO, The Centre for Integration of Foreigners, Organization for Aid to Refugees, The Multicultural Center Prague, Amnesty International a volunteers working with refugees.

The RefuFest was hold at Peace Square, Kampa Island, Streleck7 Island, Žižkov freight railway station and Campus Hybernská in following years.

 From 2009 The Refufest was held not only in Prague but at the farm of community centre InBaze in south-Czech Rakovice as well. Many bands have been attending festival occasions e. g. Daneb, DVA, Origami, All Star Refugee Band, Frida, Herky, Ekvátor, or Kosteláček. The Lisen Theatre and The Miroticke Theatre prepared a fairy-tail for children. Circus Žebřík performed with performance on stilts and Duo Flašineto played the barrel organ. Visitors could taste Afghan, Georgian, Kalmyk or Pakistani cuisine. There was also a stall with traditional handicrafts.

From 2013 RefuFest has been taking place at Rakovice farm. Villagers, as well as arrivals from Prague and InBaze clients, have the opportunity to enjoy the festival. In 2014 InBáze had to leave the farm in Rakovice, which ended RefuFest tradition there. 

On Sunday 21.6. 2015 the first and for now the last RefuFest at castle took place. The Tocnik castle welcomed visitors with its glamorous atmosphere, occupated by fairy-tail beings from over the world instead of by monsters and horrible creatures. This RefuFest focused on fairy-tails which were reflected in workshops and theatre plays. The grownups had the opportunity to attend many lectures and all visitors could taste the great ethnic cuisine. 

The RefuFest was changing not only a place. The festival was held twice a year between 2009 and 2015, once in Prague and once in regions. The length of the occasion was also changeable. One, or two days action grew up to three days after it had moved to Žižkov freight railway station. In 2017, with accompanying program on the previous day, the festival lasted four days. And the month of the RefuFest was not always the same as well, September, August were replaced by May and June later.

For this year the festival will be back in its origin season – in September, during two days starting on 27. 9. with the unpublic program for schools. On 28. 9. You are all welcomed at the Prague Invalidovna avenue.